Crossroads Bank for Enterprises

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    What is the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises?

    The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) is a database owned by the FPS Economy containing all the basic data concerning companies and their business units. The purpose of the CBE is twofold:

    • increasing the efficiency of public services; and
    • simplifying administrative procedures for companies.

    Method of operation

    The CBE centralises the basic data of companies and business unit and disseminates it to several competent authorities. The CBE assigns a unique identification number to each company and business unit. This identification number allows authorities to exchange information. Consequently, companies need to submit their data to the authorities only once.

    For whom?

    Specific services have been developed for each target group. Services exist for:

    Changes in the CBE from November 1, 2018

    The entry into force on 01/11/2018 of the company law reform implies  a number of important changes for the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) and its applications.

    1. The concept of 'enterprise' disappears.

      From now on  the term 'enterprises' will no longer be used in the CBE,  but will be replaced by 'registered entities' or simply 'entities'. The terms 'enterprise number' and 'Crossroads Bank for Enterprises', on the other hand, are retained.

    2. The terms 'craft business’ and ‘(non-)commercial’ characteristic are abolished.

      As a result of the abolition of the concepts of trader and craftsman, the characteristics of ’commercial company’, ‘non-commercial company under private law' and 'craft business’ operating on 31 October 2018 will be converted into the new characteristic of 'enterprise subject to registration'. In other words, on 1 November 2018 the new characteristic of 'enterprise subject to registration' will be automatically granted.

    3. The distinction between the civil and commercial character of the company disappears.

      On 1 November 2018  legal forms starting with 'Civil company in the form of' will automatically be converted into a legal form that no longer refers to the civil nature.

    4. Several contact details can be registered in the CBE.

      An entity can have several contact details of the same type in the CBE. For example, an entity can have two or more e-mail addresses or telephone numbers. An entrepreneur can also change these data free of charge at any time via My Enterprise.

    Last update
    26 October 2018