What type of data will you find in the XML extracts?

All the data concerning registered entities and their establishment units recorded in the CBE database is available via the extracts.

Which files are available?

The following files are available:

  • Complete file (full extract):
    all data recorded in the CBE database;
  • File including changes (changes extract):
    only the data created or changed after the creation of the file’s previous version;
  • File containing XML codes.

The files are available on working days on the FTP server of the FPS Economy.

Each new client receives a full extract. Subsequent extracts are available upon request.

How to apply for access?

To obtain access to CBE XML files you need to submit a formal application. Please fill out and sign the application form and send it to the CBE Management Service.

Need more information?

More information can be found in the CBE XML Extracts Manual.

You receive the files automatically once you have fulfilled all the formalities to get access to the CBE XML extracts. Alternatively, you may request them – and the CBE XML extracts technical manual – from the CBE Help Desk.

CBE XML extracts technical form

General codes tables

Last update
25 October 2019