The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) contains all the basic identification data of registered entities (here further entities) and their establishment units.

All information about which entities and establishment units must register in the CBE can be found on the page registering in CBE.

What type of data?

The CBE contains the following data:

  • the company registration number and the establishment unit registration number
  • the external identification numbers
  • the names of the entity and the establishment unit(s) (registered office name and acronym for the entity; commercial name for the establishment unit)
  • the addresses of the registered office and of any establishment units in Belgium (if applicable, the deletion of the address)
  • the type of entity (entity natural person or legal person)
  • the entity’s status - Definitions of the statuses (PDF, 438.12 KB)
  • the legal form
  • the legal situation - Definitions of the legal situations (PDF, 530.01 KB)
  • the contact information of the entity and the establishment unit(s) (phone, email, fax, website)
  • the financial information (e.g. capital, fiscal year-end, start and end date of any exceptional fiscal year, date of the annual meeting)
  • the start date and end date for this data
  • the start date and discontinuation of the entity or the establishment unit
  • the duration of the entity, if limited
  • the ex officio striking offs
    • of the entity for failure to submit the financial statements
    • due to non-compliance with UBO obligations
  • the identification data of the founders and mandataries of the entity
  • the entrepreneurial skills – travelling – funfair manager
  • the working partners and helpers
  • the entity’s economic activities
  • the bank account(s)
  • the authorisations and licences held by the entity or the characteristics by which the entity is known to the authorities, administrations and services and the applications
  • The entity may have for example the following characteristics:
    • enterprise subject to registration
    • employer subject to social security
    • entity subject to the VAT regime
    • foreign contractor of construction works
    • medical devices distributor (Belgian or foreign entity, who is a medical devices distributor in Belgium previously registered within the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products)
  • the links between entities
  • the links to:
    • the deeds of legal entities published in the Annexes of the Belgian Official Gazette
    • the financial statements and balance sheets submitted to the National Bank of Belgium
    • other databases (E-health, Foodweb (FASFC), employer directory, etc.)
Last update
1 July 2024