Sometimes, the address of registered entities (hereinafter referred to as “entity”) mentioned in the CBE is not correct. Any interested party* may request the management department of the CBE to delete such an address.

E.g.: if you receive on your address correspondence for a registered entity, which is not yours or for which you are not the representative.

*! The entity that has not completed the formalities to which it is bound, may not contact the management department in order to have its data rectified.


To report an incorrect address to the CBE, please contact the management department of the CBE.

By our webform

Address deletion form

By email:

By post:   

CBE – Deletions Service
Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 16
1000 Brussels

Please always specify the following information:

  • the name of the registered entity concerned,
  • its enterprise number, and  
  • the address (of the office and/or of the establishment unit) in question.

We also invite you to send us, if you have one, a copy of a decision, an investigation report or a report established by a police officer or an official mandated by an administration who certifies that the address is incorrect. This speeds up the processing of your file.

Upon receipt of your request, the management department of the CBE invites the entity in question by letter to regularise the situation within 30 days. In the absence of a response, two situations may arise:

  • The management department of the CBE is in possession of a judgment, investigation report, official report or information from an authentic source of addresses indicating that the data is incorrect, then it may proceed to strike off the address 30 days after the letter is sent.
  • Otherwise, the management department of the CBE will send a second letter to the entity, which will have another 30 days to make the requested adjustments. If the entity has not responded within these 30 days after this letter was sent, the management department may proceed with the striking off of the address.

Important: Given the increasing number of requests, the time to process the files can be significant.

The procedure for ex officio striking off of the address does not exempt the entity from carrying out its legal formalities.

Last update
29 January 2024