How to search for data?

The public data is accessible to everyone.

  • Some applications are free of charge

    • Public search

    • Public Search Mobile

    • Open Data

  • Other applications involve a fee

    • Public Search web service

    • File for data reuse

Public Search

This online application allows you to search the CBE for registered entities (here further entities) and registered establishment units and consult their public data.

Public Search Mobile

This is the mobile version of Public Search, with a few limitations.

Open Data file

This is a CSV file for reuse containing limited data of all the active entities registered in the CBE at the creation date.

The file is updated each month.

Public Search web service

Public Search web service allows you to integrate the public data of entities and their establishment units into your own application. This involves public data recorded in the CBE only (in other words: no external links).

For every 2,000 requests you pay 50 euro.

File for data reuse

A file updated every day except Sundays and Mondays containing extensive data about active and discontinued entities. To be able to use the file, you must first apply for data reuse with the Management Service and subsequently sign a licensing agreement. 

The data are made available free of charge for non-commercial reuse. The annual fee is €30,000 if the data is used for commercial purposes.

Comparative schedule

View the differences and characteristics of the options for reusing public data in this comparative schedule (PDF, 727.53 KB).

How to have an address deleted?

Everyone may contact the CBE Help Desk to have the address of an entity (registered office and/or establishment unit) deleted if this is no longer located at the address recorded in the CBE.

The procedure is free of charge. For more information about the procedure to delete an address, please view the page “CBE - Ex officio deletion of addresses”.

Last update
29 April 2024