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    Protection of your personal data

    The following information concerns the protection of your personal data. This is the data that allows you to be identified directly or indirectly.

    For example: your

    • first name,
    • last name,
    • email address and
    • IP address.

    This policy applies to the website of the FPS Economy ( but also to the other websites it manages (campaign sites).

    When a link on the FPS Economy website (or on the other websites it manages) takes you to an external site, such as a portal site, an online application or a social network, you must refer to the personal data processing conditions of these other sites or applications.

    Your personal data is protected in accordance with:

    What are cookies and why are they useful?

    Cookies are small information files that are automatically recorded on your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. They include a unique identification number.

    These cookies make it possible to simplify website access and browsing, and also increase access speed and ease of use of the site. They can also be used to customise the website according to your personal preferences (for example: choice of language).

    Cookies usually also have an expiry date. For example, some cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), while others remain stored on your computer for longer periods of time, sometimes until you manually delete them (so-called permanent cookies).

    Our cookies allow us:

    • to ensure that the website is functioning as intended;
    • to retain your parameters during and between visits (for example: the choice of the language in which the site is consulted);
    • to improve the speed and security of the site;
    • to share our pages on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter;
    • to continuously improve our website (e.g. for statistical and qualitative purposes).

    We do not use cookies:

    • to collect personally identifiable information (without your express permission);
    • to collect sensitive information (without your express permission);
    • to transmit data to advertising networks;
    • to transmit personal data to third parties;
    • for commercial purposes.

    The configuration of most browsers allows you to accept or refuse the cookies and be notified whenever a cookie is used. You are free to refuse these cookies, although this can hinder optimum browsing and the functionality of the services available on the website. You can consult the help function on your browser for more information.

    Your agreement with the use of cookies

    If your browser settings automatically accept our cookies and you make use of our site, we assume that you agree with our cookie policy. If you wish to delete cookies from your browser or if you want them to have limited use, you can find more information on the steps to take on this page. In such cases, please be aware that our website will probably not function optimally.

    Which cookies do we use?

    The following is a list of the cookies we use and an explanation of their purpose.

    Our essential cookies

    These cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons for a normal visit of the website. Given the technical necessity, an information obligation solely applies, and these cookies are saved from the moment you access the website.






    At the end of the session

    A sequence of characters

    Assigns the processing of the requests of a user to a server


    (Characters after TS… vary)

    At the end of the session

    A sequence of characters

    Assigns the processing of the requests of a user to a server

    SESS2cb428b11d09bc26ee08ba8f52f7b2c3 3 weeks A sequence of characters Keeping track of a completed intermediate state for one of our multi-step forms (Cyberscan)
    Drupal.visitor.content_finder_step 7 days Number Saves the user's step in the “Content Finder” form
    Drupal.visitor.contentfinder_results 7 Tage Sequence of characters Saves the user’s answers in the “Content Finder” form

    Our functional cookies

    You cannot block these cookies if you want to access this website, but they are saved only after a choice is made concerning the placement of cookies.


    Retention period



    Until the browser is closed

    Tells the site whether your browser accepts Javascript or not


    (language choice cookies)

    1 year

    Tells the site in which language it must be displayed


    3 months

    Tells the site whether or not you accept cookies


    30 days

    Ensures display performance of maptiler maps

    We use the Drupal tool to manage the content of our site. This software uses functional cookies. These cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the site. It is not possible to refuse these cookies if you wish to visit our site.

    Our social network cookies


    Retention period


    OpenFed Social

    Until the browser is closed

    No information is collected by Facebook or other social media as long as the user does not open Facebook

    Youtube embedded videos

    Until the browser is closed

    Makes it possible to display YouTube videos directly on the site

    Our statistical cookies

    You can decline these cookies if you want to surf on our website.






    28 days

    Token id

    Analysis of the website visits


    6 months


    Analysis of the website visits


    50 minutes

    Session id

    Analysis of the website visits

    We use MATOMO for statistical purposes. This analysis tool installs cookies that we use to quantify the traffic on our site (for example, the number of total visits or visits to a specific page). This information, once collected, will be used to improve the content of our site. It also provides an analytical basis for the launch of communication campaigns on subjects that are of special interest to our visitors.

    How do I manage or delete cookies?

    If you wish to manage or delete cookies, you can adjust your browser settings. You will find more explanation in the links below.

    Are you using another browser? Check if the procedure for your browser is available on the website

    Please note: this site is only available in English.

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