1. Intellectual Property
    On 21 June 2022, The European Patent Office (EPO) awarded the new Young Inventors Prize to Belgian entrepreneur Victor Dewulf (25) and British computer scientist Peter Hedly (27) for their efficient waste
  2. Enterprises
    Do you use company numbers in your applications, databases or other IT media? Then make sure you can continue to use them. The company number consists of 10 digits starting with 0 or 1. Up to now, only
  3. Intellectual Property
    A practical guide for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Intellectual Property matters has been developed by the FPS Economy.

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  1. Quality & Safety

    09 June 2022 - World Accreditation Day

  2. Financial Services

    Switching banks: consider all the implications

  3. Intellectual Property

    New rates for private copying remuneration as of April 1, 2022

  4. Quality & Safety

    09.06.2021 World Accreditation Day