1. Energy

    Lifetime extension of Doel 4 and Tihange 3 - Public consultation

  2. Consumer Protection

    A defective product? Am I entitled to the legal warranty?

  3. Intellectual Property

    Conference 17/11/2022: The Unitary Patent system – a game-changer for innovation in Europe

  4. Online

    Launch of the federal Broadband Competence Office (BCO)

  5. Enterprises

    Launch of Five Calls for Projects to Strengthen the Cyber-Resilience of SMEs and the Self-Employed

  6. Consumer Protection

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the State of Missouri sued Next-Gen, Inc. and related companies for violating the law

  7. Intellectual Property

    Victor Dewulf and Peter Hedly, a Belgian-British Inventor Duo, Win the Young Inventors Prize 2022

  8. Enterprises

    Enterprise numbers starting with 1 will be assigned soon

  9. Quality & Safety

    09 June 2022 - World Accreditation Day

  10. Intellectual Property

    Alternative Dispute Resolution in Intellectual Property Matters