Open Data

What data will you find in CBE Open Data?

This CSV file contains the active data of active registered entities and business units. The available data is listed in the "Open Data” catalogue (PDF, 309.01 KB).

Two files are available:

  • a complete file
    This file contains all the active registered entities and business units registered in the CBE at the time of creation of the file.

  • an update file
    This file contains all the changes between the last and previous complete file. New files become available on the Monday following the first Sunday of the month.

How to get access to Open Data?

To be able to view the CVS file, you need to register and accept the terms of use. Among other things, this allows us to communicate any changes in the CSV file to you.

Open Data

Need more information?

For more information please refer to the cookbook.

Privacy policy

For any questions regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to the « Privacy statement » of the CBE.

Last update
25 July 2022