Which data is available for reuse?

The data available for reuse is listed in the catalogue of data available for reuse (PDF, 334.24 KB).

There are two types of data files:

  • The full file (full extract):
    This file is created each month and contains all the active and discontinued data for all the registered entities and establishment units;

  • the file containing the changes:
    this file is created on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and contains all the data changes since the previous delivery.

These files remain available for 5 working days and are then stored.

How to obtain this reusable public data?

To get access to this data, you first have to fill out the “reuse application form (DOC, 60 KB)” and return it to the CBE Management Service.

After approval of your application you receive a draft reuse licencing agreement,

The agreement sets out your obligations as a licensee for re-using the data. It also contains specific conditions for the provision of the data by the Management Service.

How much do complete files of reusable public data cost?

The data are made available free of charge for non-commercial reuse. The annual fee is €30,000 if the data is used for commercial purposes.

The fee is calculated as follows:  

Calculation of the fee


Annual cost

Number of licences

Cost per licence





Cost of IT infrastructure












Need more information?

Additional information can be found in the technical user manual (PDF, 1.31 MB).

Privacy policy

For any questions regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to the « Privacy statement » of the CBE.

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9 July 2024