The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) puts data about registered entities (here further entities) and establishment units at the disposal of authorities, administrations, services and organisations who need it to carry out their statutory or regulatory tasks.

How to get access to CBE data?

CBE web interface (CBEwi)

The web application allows you to consult, enter or change data concerning an entity or establishment unit in the CBE.

Access rights will be adjusted to match the authorisation of the authority, administration, service or organisation.

CBE Select

The CBE Select application allows you to compose your own lists of CBE data and have them created at regular intervals through our subscription system.

CBE XML extracts

CBE XML extracts allows you to avail of all or part of the CBE data and subsequent changes. You need to develop your own IT application to process the files.

CBE web services

CBE web services allows you to retrieve data from the CBE and create and change data in the CBE database from your own application.

How to apply for access?

Access to these services is not provided automatically. Your service needs to apply for access rights. This is done by filling out and submitting the ‘CBE Data Access Application Form’

If you are unsure about the type of access you need, please consult the comparative table of access types (PDF, 150.22 KB).

Some data is provided in code. For more information please refer to ‘Codes tables’.

Last update
7 July 2022