CBE Select allows you to compose your own lists of CBE data and have them created at regular intervals through our subscription system.

Selecting data in the lists is done via filters. The filters are expressed in codes, which you can find in the codes tables.

You may subscribe to the list thus created. This ensures that the list is created at regular intervals. You receive the list in a CSV or XML format via the FTP server or by email. You can opt for one-off, weekly or monthly delivery of the files.

Access to CBE Select is free of charge with your electronic ID card (eID) or federal token.

CBE Select

What data will you find here?

CBE Select contains the data of active, discontinued and future registered entities and establishment units. It does not provide a data history.

How to apply for access?

To obtain access to CBE Select you need to submit a formal application. Please fill out and sign the “CBE Data Access Application Form” and send it to the CBE Management Service.

How to log in?

CBE Select is a secure application. Each time you log in, you need to identify yourself using an electronic ID card (eID) or a federal token.

CBE Select

First, you need to create an eGov profile using your electronic ID card. Next, you contact your access administrator for the assignment of a CBE Select role. More information about role assignment can be found at www.belgium.be.

This application allows you to manage your own personal data (email address, phone number, language group) and your login options (request federal token, request/change user name and/or password). You may also view earlier assigned roles.

create an eGov profile

Need more information?

For more information about CBE select, please refer to these documents:

Last update
25 October 2019