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    Tables of general codes

    Some of the data of registered entities (here further entities) and their establishment units, you need to enter in “BCEwi” (CBE web interface) is in code form.

    Each code has a description. You can find an overview of these codes and their descriptions in the tables of codes. Each description is available in the three national languages.

    Several modifications have been made to the administrative districts of the province of Hainaut. Besides, several municipalities in the Flemish Region merged on 1st January 2019. Following these modifications, Statbel has adapted the NSI codes of municipalities and administrative districts: the NSI codes of 26 municipalities were stopped and 18 new NSI codes were created. These modifications were made in the CBE Identification table of codes.

    Overview of the tables of codes

    The following table provides an overview of the available tables of codes and their contents:

    Table of codes Content
    Identification details (XLS, 599 KB)
    • the municipality in which the address is established (INS municipality codes)
    • the country in which the address is established
    • the language in which the information is requested/given
    • the type of address 
    • the type of external identification
    • the type of name
    Contact information (XLS, 118.5 KB)
    • Type of contact information
    • Characteristics contact information
    Financial data (XLS, 55 KB)
    • the use of the bank account number
    • the currency in which the capital is expressed
    Legal data (XLS, 509 KB)
    • the reason for the cessation 
    • the type of entity
    • the status
    • the legal situation
    • the event
    • the legal form
    • the class of legal form
    • the functions that natural persons and/or entities may perform in an entity
    • the reason for the end of a function
    • the entrepreneurial skills
    • the type of dispensation
    • the link between two entities 
    • the reason for the end of a link between entities
    Data for Characteristic/ Authorisation/ type of activity  (XLS, 365 KB)
    • the authorisations 
    • the reason for the end of an authorisation/ characteristic
    • the characteristic 
    • the stages of a characteristic
    • the activities 
    • the type of activity
    Data for ex officio actions  (XLS, 38 KB)
    • the reasons for the ex officio actions

    New characteristic “Foreign collector healthcare provided certificate (NIHDI)”

    Since 1 January 2019 , the NIHDI is responsible for registering within the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) a characteristic “Foreign collector healthcare provided certificate (NIHDI)” for all foreign entities, natural and legal persons, which receive the payment of health care on their behalf via receipts-certificates of healthcare.  

    The NIHDI is also responsible for identifying, within the CBE, the above-mentioned foreign entities without establishment in Belgium that don’t have an enterprise number in Belgium. 

    For more information: (available in French and Dutch)

    New characteristic “Identified within the framework of a notarial deed”.

    The Code of Registration, Mortgage and Registry Charges (article 2bis) stipulates that notarial deeds subject to registration must mention, for each part of the notarial deed, an identification number for a natural person, or the enterprise number for a registered entity legal person.

    This implies that a foreign entity without enterprise number, which is mentioned in a notarial deed, is identified in the ECB by the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries (Fednot).  The characteristic: “Identified within the framework of a notarial deed” is also registered by Fednot for all foreign entities mentioned in a notarial deed. This characteristic is registered by the Royal Federation of Belgian Notaries since 28 June 2018.

    New authorisation “company service provider”

    Since 1 September 2018, all company service providers are required to register within the Directorate-General for SMEs Policy of the FPS Economy to avoid the risk of sanctions.
    (law of 29 march 2018)

    Entities already operating as company service providers must register before 28 February 2019. Conversely, entities starting a new service provider activity must register before the exercise of this new activity.

    The Directorate-General for SMEs Policy keeps an up-to-date list of registered company service providers. As the manager and initiator of this data, it also enters this new authorisation into the CBE.

    More info? (in French)

    New characteristic "distributor of medical equipment"

    Any registered entity (natural or legal person), which is a distributor of medical equipment in Belgium, is subject to prior registration with the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP). This registration requirement applies to both Belgian and foreign entities established in the European Union, even if the equipment is provided free of charge.

    From now on, the characteristic of "distributor of medical equipment" will be registered, within the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), by the FAMHP, in the data of entities (Belgian or foreign) distributing medical equipment.

    If the foreign registered entity (natural or legal person) does not yet have a company registration number, the FAMHP will identify the entity in the CBE so that it can register as a "distributor of medical equipment".

    Finally, the FAMHP will also take care of updating the above-mentioned data.

    New authorisation "Recognised by the CNHB/NKGB as an acting bailiff" and new function "Acting bailiff"

    Since 1 May 2018, it has been possible to register a new authorisation entitled "Recognised by the CNHB/NKGB as an acting bailiff" and new function "Acting bailiff".

    When a bailiff dies, resigns without notice, is dismissed or suspended, an acting bailiff is appointed. As such, the National Chamber of Bailiffs of Belgium (CNHB/NKGB) will take charge of registering, with the CBE, on the one hand, the authorisation "Recognised by the CNHB/NKGB as acting bailiff" and, on the other hand, the function "Acting bailiff". This registration is made in the data of the entity where the acting bailiff has been appointed. The CNHB will also stop the authorisation, in the same entity, of "Recognised by the National Chamber of Bailiffs". 

    Merging of the tables of codes "reason for automatic removal" and "reason for removal of address"

    Since 27 April 2018, the tables of codes "reason for automatic removal" and "reason for removal of address", which was found in the tables of codes "Removal data", have been merged. You can now consult the new available codes, relating to the reasons for ex officio actions, under the new code table "Data for ex officio actions".

    New authorisation "Approved drilling company" (Flemish Region)

    A new authorisation "Approved drilling company” (Flemish Region) has been added to the CBE since 17 January 2018.

    This recognition as a drilling company has been granted by the Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij since 1 January 2017. It is mandatory if the entity carries out certain activities, such as groundwater extraction, drainage and dewatering, stability and geotechnical drilling. Both Belgian and foreign drilling companies can have this recognition. More detailed information is available on the website of the Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM).

    The authorisation is registered by the management department of the CBE (initiator) on the basis of the information transmitted by the VMM (data manager). 

    You can also consult the tables of NACEBEL codes.

    New characteristic "Contracting Authority"

    A new characteristic of "Contracting Authority" has been available since 22 March 2017. This characteristic is included in the data of administrations or bodies that have a company registration number and are subject to public procurement regulations (for example: federal public services, public social welfare centres, regional bodies, etc.).

    You can find it in the Excel file "Quality-permit-type activity codes (XLS, 365 KB)" under the tab "Quality".

    The table of NACEBEL codes

    NACEBEL codes 2003 (XLS, 1.11 MB)

    NACEBEL codes 2008 (XLS, 933.5 KB)

    NACEBEL conversion 2003-2008 (XLS, 1.34 MB)

    Conversion new codes 2003-2008 (XLS, 44 KB)

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