We received several reports of phishing attempts using the e-mail version “@economie.fgov.be” and the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises logo (CBE). We currently have knowledge of the address “noreply.kbo@economie.fgov.be” used for these messages. However, it is possible that other addresses will be used in the future.

For example, these emails ask entrepreneurs to update their contact information (email address and phone number) or to apply for a new CBE digital key by clicking on a link. There is also a combination of these two subjects.  These are indeed false e-mails.

The only way to register or modify data yourself in the CBE is to use the official My Enterprise application. This application allows you, among other things, to update contact details directly and free of charge, and only after secure authentication by the entity’s legal representative or its mandate holder.

The CBE never sends e-mails to registered entities or any other person to submit a request for activation of digital keys.  Only secure authentication means (or digital keys), made available by the FPS BOSA, are used to access secure CBE applications of online services (My Enterprise, CBE Select and CBEwi)

More information in the press release of the FPS Economy.

More information about digital key requests and activations.

Last update
27 October 2022