Data quality

The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises takes regular action to improve the quality of the data of the registered entities (here further entities) and establishment units . This page lists the most important actions carried out in the past years.

Postal code encoded as letterbox number (March 2018)

The postal code has sometimes been encoded as the letterbox number.

What did we do?

For 459 addresses, the postal code has been removed from the letterbox number.

Missing “Street” code (March 2018)

For a certain number of Belgian addresses, the name of the street did not include a “street” code.

What did we do?

The “street” code was added to 151 addresses.

General Assembly month (continuous)

The general assembly month is sometimes erroneously or not registered in the ECB. This error occurs either during the registration of the entity or during a subsequent statutory change.

What did we do?

The general assembly month has been added or corrected for 11,143 companies.

Places of worship (March 2018)

The denomination of the places of worship must follow a certain structure.

What did we do?

We have changed the name of 5,296 places of worship so that it complies with the imposed structure.

Erroneous functions within companies or associations without legal personality (February 2018)

For certain entities whose legal form is “company or association without legal personality”, the founder was registered thanks to his identification via his enterprise number instead of his national register number.

What did we do?

7,390 functions "founder of an entity without legal personality" have been corrected.

Fictitious start date of a registered entity “natural person” (November 2017)

During the initial loading of the ECB, some registered entities “natural person” were registered with a fictitious start date (01.01.1800).

What did we do?

We have corrected the start date of 13,544 registered entities ‘natural person’ by replacing it with the start date of their commercial characteristic.

Regularization of fictitious national registry numbers (October 2017)

During the initial loading of the ECB, registered entities “natural person” with an unknown national registry number were registered with a fictitious national registry number starting with 9999. 

What did we do?

The fictitious national registry number has been replaced by the correct national registry number for 825 entities.

Invalid start date for certain registered entities “legal person” (May 2017)

Registered entities “legal person” were created with an incorrect start date.

What did we do?

We have changed the start date of 1,185 entities.

Special characters in the denomination (February 2017)

Many entities use special characters in their denominations.

What did we do?

We have removed the special characters in the denominations of 1,028 entities.

Missing managing director functions at registered entities with the legal form “bvba” (private company with limited liability) or cooperative partnership (action not yet finalised)

In 2003 thousands of private limited liability companies and cooperative partnerships were recorded in the CBE without naming a managing director.

What did we do?

We have registered at least one managing director in the data of 28,641 private limited liability companies and cooperative partnerships.

Function codes not matching the legal form (action not yet finalised)

Depending on the legal form a few specific function codes may be registered for an entity.

Summary of the function codes per legal form (PDF, 329.56 Kb)

In many cases the function code and legal form did not match.

What did we do?

The function codes have been corrected or cancelled for 40,431 functions.

Postcodes with multiple NIS codes (alphanumeric code for regional areas) (February 2017)

When an address is coded in the CBE, the system checks whether the postcode is linked to the municipal code. 24 postcodes in the CBE link to multiple NIS municipal codes. Each of these postcodes serves one single “principal municipality” as well as a few houses in a “secondary municipality”. The extent to which a postcode serves the secondary municipality is very limited. Nevertheless, the postcode–secondary municipality combination occurs 2,704 times in the CBE.

What did we do?

174 addresses of registered offices were corrected. The other addresses (of business units) were modified automatically.

Registered entities/establishment units with a start date in the future (January 2017)

For 27 entities/establishment units the start date lay in the future.

What did we do?

The 27 start dates were corrected.

Conversion of activities 2003 (December 2016)

A few activities had not been converted to the NACEBEL version 2008 and still had a NACEBEL 2003 code.

What did we do?

2,374 activities with a NACEBEL 2003 code were converted to a NACEBEL 2008 code.

Active curator’s function without the matching legal situation (October 2016)

A few entities reported an active curator’s function even though insolvency proceedings had not been initiated.

What did we do?

After checking the Belgian Official Journal, the legal situation of 95 entities was modified or the curator’s function cancelled.

Duplicate mention of the same legal form (October 2016)

For a few entities the same legal form was recorded twice in succession.

What did we do?

For 117 entities one of both legal forms was deleted.

Problems with functions caused by failure to replace cancelled natural persons (July 2016)

If in the BIS register a natural person’s number is replaced by another number, that number is replaced for all the functions performed by that person at an entity registered in the CBE. Although this is an automated process, manual intervention may be required in certain cases.

What did we do?

For 272 functions the correct number was recorded in the CBE.

Legal situation 091: suspension – judicial reorganisation (May 2016)

For some entities the legal situation “suspension – judicial reorganisation” exceeded a duration of one year.

What did we do?

For 176 entities the legal situation record was changed to “normal situation”, “insolvency proceedings initiated” or “dissolved”.

Active functions / business skills that may not occur for discontinued registered entities (May 2016)

For a few discontinued entities the records still contained active functions or business skills.

What did we do?

For 113 entities the function or business skill was discontinued or cancelled.

Public services (April 2016)

A few public services that no longer exist were still active in the CBE.

What did we do?

176 public services were discontinued or closed.

Discontinuation of foreign entities with legal situation “discontinuation of activities in Belgium” (March 2016)

Several foreign entities whose legal situation read “discontinuation of activities in Belgium” had an AC (Active) status in the CBE.

What did we do?

For 7,247 entities the status was changed to ST (discontinued) with the start date of the “discontinuation of activities in Belgium” featuring as the date of discontinuation.

Active EDRL or RSZPPO/ONSSAPL activities without matching active characteristic (February 2016)

A few entities showed activities under the EDRL or RSZPPO/ONSSAPL despite discontinuation of that characteristic.

What did we do?

111 activities under EDRL or RSZPPO/ONSSAPL were discontinued.

Contents of the field “additional address” (January 2016)

In some cases, the field “additional address” contained other information than an address.

What did we do?

The field was corrected for 322 entities.

Last update
21 November 2018