Have you just refined your business plan and checked that you meet the prerequisites for exercising a self-employed activity? In this case, you are ready to take the steps that will allow you to become an entrepreneur. Follow our procedure step by step, it is the safest way to reach the goal without any hiccups!

  1. Choose a legal status: sole proprietorship or company?
  2. You opt for a company: what form should you choose?
  3. Choose a name
  4. Incorporate your company
  5. Visite an accredited business counter
  6. Openi a current account
  7. Identify yourself with the VAT authorities
  8. Affiliation with a social insurance fund
  9. Affiliation with a mutual insurance company
  10. Take out insurance
  11. Hire staff

More information?

The public services put various websites at your disposal in order to help you clarify your project and provide information about the administrative procedures, funding possibilities, available aid, possible risks, etc.

The federal portal belgium.be has a devoted page on setting up a business.

You can obtain additional and region-specific information by consulting the various portals of the regional institutions:

Last update
1 June 2022