Have you booked a separate travel service? You cannot then claim the rights which apply to package holidays but you benefit, in certain circumstances, from legal protection in the event of the financial insolvency of the seller. For the rest, your contract is governed by civil law, and in particular contract law.

Are you sure you have booked a separate travel service? Consult our page with the definition of the different types of travel contracts.

Passenger rights in the EU

Have you booked passenger transport tickets only and have you suffered a delay or cancellation of your plane, train, boat or bus? In such cases, you still have certain rights as a passenger when traveling within, from or to the European Union. You will find more information on this subject on the website of the FPS Mobility and Transport:

The FPS Mobility and Transport ensures that passengers' rights are respected during international journeys to and from Belgium. Passengers may, if their rights have been violated, file a complaint with the responsible body of the FPS Mobility and Transport, provided that they have first lodged a complaint with the carrier.

You should therefore always start by complaining to your transport company. Do it as quickly as possible. Use their declaration form if available. Air passengers can also use the European complaint form.

Last update
6 January 2023