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    Daphne Boone, Accredited Mediator in civil and commercial matters

    Address: Boogstraat 26, 2980 Zoersel
    Phone: + 32 (0) 476.93.4000

    For which problems

    Disputes dealing with:

    Neighbourhood nuisance; neighbourhood conflicts; rental and leasing; commercial leases; purchase-sale; contracting; real estate; easements; co-ownership; commercial contracts.

    Sectors: real estate, real estate services, syndic, joint ownership, construction of new houses, house maintenance and improvement services, house removal and storage, support, research and intermediary services, legal services


    During a first contact, I will check whether your dispute can be dealt with amicably or not. I will give you any useful information about my possible intervention. My rate will only start to apply when you and the other party have formally assigned me my mission.

    Opening file EUR 60; services are charged at an hourly rate, i.e. 120 euro/hour; a fixed cost percentage of 8% is charged on top of this; total including VAT = 157.30 euro (fee + costs + VAT); if travel is involved, this is charged per km travelled = 0.60 euro/km.


    Languages in which the procedure can be carried out:

    • Dutch
    • English

    Territorial competence

    Flemish Region, Brussels and cross-border disputes  

    Access conditions

    A commission is charged at the first contact.  It amounts to 400 euros and is paid for by the parties involved in the conciliation procedure, each for half, unless otherwise agreed. 

    How does it work?

    In short: Interview with all parties involved together to explain the mediation procedure, explain the mediation agreement and make agreements, then take stock of the issue and the problem. Hearing of both parties involved together. Next phase with each party involved separately (caucus).  Both the emotional aspect and the content are addressed here again.  The parties can talk freely.  The mediator regularly summarises what has been said by the party concerned and, where necessary, asks for a mandate to raise certain issues at the next meeting.

    Final meeting to reach a mediation agreement. The mediator clearly indicates that the parties involved must find the solution themselves and provides them with the means to do so. We move on from points of views to the interests of both parties and make the cake bigger.  If necessary, a new meeting is held to give the parties time to think about possible solutions.

    In total, an average of 4 meetings are required to reach a conciliation agreement.

    Mediation protocol

    I send you a PDF file with the mediation protocol.

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