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Belmed : médiation en ligne

Your partner for alternative dispute resolution

Are you:

Do you want to solve your problem quickly and low-cost?
Do you wish to continue the commercial relationship in a positive way?

Areas: energy, travel, financial services, used cars, furniture, construction, ... or cross-border disputes.

You are at the right place! Belmed will help you find a solution to your problem thanks to the alternative dispute resolution.

Belmed is an online platform that the FPS Economy puts at the disposal of consumers and companies. Using Belmed is free of charge


To apply for the mediation, two conditions must be met:

If both conditions are met, you can use Belmed.

In practice ...

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More details?

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Are you a mediator?

Are you active in the field of the amicable settlement of commercial disputes between businesses and consumers or between businesses? Do you want to become a partner of the Belmed platform?

See the page “You are a mediator".

At European level

The “Online Dispute Resolution” platform (ODR) deals with consumer disputes arising from e-commerce.

    • a private individual who has a problem with a tradesman?
    • a tradesman who has a problem with a consumer?
    • a tradesman who has a problem with another tradesman?
    1. You must have contacted the other party to notify the problem and try to solve the dispute. If you have not contacted the other party, please see “Follow the guide”.
    2. The dispute may not be pending in court. Should this be the case, go to the page “Online mediation”.
Last update
29 May 2018