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    Read the general terms of a contract BEFORE you sign it: you have the right to take the time to read them before you take a decision! You should also read the small print.


    Ask several estimates before you decide to buy a product or a service. 
    Don’t forget to precise that you want a free estimate because a professional can also charge for estimates.

    A few examples of letters

    A few examples of letters to notify the other party of a problem and of what you expect:

    After you have contacted the other party (consumer or tradesman) to report the problem you have encountered, it is always advisable to confirm this contact by a letter (regular mail and/or recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt).

    Hereunder you will find several examples. They can give you the outlines of what should appear in your letter. You only have to adapt the content written in blue (which is a purely fictional example) according to your needs.

    Formal notice

    A formal notice is an official letter inviting the person it is addressed to (the debtor) to carry out within a fixed deadline an obligation that is his responsibility (solving a problem, paying a sum, respecting a contractual obligation, etc.). At the bottom of this page you will find some sample letters.

    A formal notice should preferably be sent registered with an acknowledgement receipt, which makes it possible to prove that the formal notice has reached the person it was addressed to.

    There are two ways of sending a letter by registered mail:

    • Traditional post
    • E-mail

    Electronic registered delivery (by e-mail) is legal if it is carried out by a qualified service provider. Providers of this type of services can be qualified by the FPS Economy if they meet specific requirements. You will find more information on this qualification procedure on the website of the FPS Economy (available in French or Dutch).

    You can check the list of qualified service providers (available in French (PDF, 139.98 KB) or Dutch (PDF, 138.76 KB)) authorised to deal with electronic registered deliveries.

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