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    Vous êtes un particulier et vous avez un problème avec un commerçant ?

    You are a private individual and you have a problem with a tradesman?
    You are a tradesman and you have a problem with a consumer?
    You are a tradesman and you have a problem with another tradesman?

    You want to solve your problem quickly and at a lower cost?
    You want to continue the commercial relationship in a positive way?

    You have come to the right place! Belmed will help you find a solution to your dispute via alternative dispute resolution.

    Is this your first visit to the Belmed platform?

    Keep in mind that if you want to introduce a mediation request, you must meet

    the following three conditions:

    1. You have already contacted the other party to report your problem and try to solve it. If you have not yet contacted the other party, consult the page Follow the guide

    2. You have not brought the matter to a court of justice. If you have already brought the matter to a court of justice, ask the court to suspend it to try to settle the case amicably.

    3. You accept the terms of use (by connecting to the interactive Belmed platform)

    If you meet these three criteria, you may log in on Belmed.

    BELMED 2.0

    Belmed is improving again with version 2.0. This new Belmed version was launched on November 5, 2018. 

    Submit/consult a new request

    Requests submitted before November 5 in Belmed 1.0 can still be consulted:

    Consult a current Belmed dossier

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    27 November 2018