In Belgium there are an estimated 85,000 lifts.

Outdated lifts are not the only lifts to present a serious risk to the safety of users. 'Modern' lifts can also be dangerous if improperly or poorly maintained.

Lift owners or operators must guarantee safety to users and third parties (fitters, maintenance and modernisation agents, inspectors or controllers). Safety must be guaranteed throughout the lifespan of the lift. For this reason, existing lifts must also comply with a number of minimum technical requirements.

Two regulations guarantee the safety of lifts:

  • New lifts: a regulation on the placement of new lifts on the market, which only concerns the production and installation of safe lifts.
  • Modernisation of existing lifts: a regulation describing how the owner or operator must manage and potentially modernise the lift in order to guarantee safe use.

In these regulations, no distinction is made between lifts for professional and private use.

Last update
26 May 2021

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