In Belgium, the body that manages the domain names with the extensions ".be", ".brussels" and ".vlaanderen" is DNS Belgium while Combell Group nv/sa manages the extension ".gent".

These are registries. As previously mentioned however, registries are not directly accessible. A company that wishes to register a domain name must use an intermediary, a service provider.

Consequently, the registrant (the person who is requesting the domain name and then becomes the holder of this domain name) will contact:

  • either a registering agent (a registrar), a body accredited by the registries to register and distribute domain names;
  • or a reseller which resells domain names. Resellers provide a variety of services to registrants. They can act as a market place, brokers or negotiators.

Sponsored link agencies offer domain name holders paid listings through the purchase of keywords or commercial links to the search engines.

Last update
30 June 2021