The Intellectual Property Office (OPRI)

The Intellectual Property Office (OPRI)

Regis Massant

Intellectual Property Office - Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes and Energy

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  • How do you verify whether your invention is new?
  • How do you apply for a patent?
  • Is your invention patentable?
  • To what extent can your idea be protected abroad?
  • What are your rights as an author?
  • Are you eligible for a compensation as a performing musician?
  • You want to file a trademark, model or design but do not know how to proceed?

You want to protect your unique idea against use by others? The Intellectual Property Office can help you out.
Find your way in the world of Intellectual Property by means of this series of pamphlets:

  1. The protection of an invention with a patent: strategic choice (PDF, 373.06 KB)
  2. Espacenet (PDF, 346.98 KB)
  3. Belgian Patent Register (eRegister) (PDF, 327.3 KB)
  4. Federated Register (PDF, 496.31 KB)
  5. How to protect a trademark? (PDF, 934.77 KB)
  6. How to protect a design? (PDF, 395.44 KB)
  7. Copyright (PDF, 377.43 KB)
  8. Plant Variety Right (PDF, 453.79 KB)
  9. Protection of trade secrets (PDF, 246.96 KB)
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14 May 2020