What is an automotive expert?

An automotive expert is the person who, habitually and impartially, provides at least one of the following services on behalf of others:

1° the evaluation of vehicles and verification of their compliance with the laws and regulations and the identification and description of these vehicles;

2° any technical research and analysis likely to determine the circumstances and causes of claims in which one or more vehicles are involved and allowing the related responsibilities to be determined;

3° determination of wear and tear, damage, defects and failures as well as malfunctions affecting the vehicles;

4° determination of the causes for the parts covered under point 3;

5° estimation of the material damage suffered as a result of the damage to vehicles;

6° determination of the appropriate work and repair methods to ensure the repair or reconditioning of a vehicle, an estimate of their cost and verification of their proper execution;

7° the justified technical assessment of the immobilisation of a vehicle and determination of the duration of this immobilisation;

8° writing a reasoned report on the execution of the assigned mission.

Who can work as an automotive expert?

The conditions for entering and practising the profession differ depending on whether:

  • you are established in Belgium with the aim of working there;
  • you practice the profession in Belgium on a temporary and occasional basis (temporary practice) as a company established in a Member State.

A Member State is considered to be any state that is part of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland;

  • you have a qualification which relates to the activity of automotive expert obtained in a country other than a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

For a better understanding of the difference between establishment and temporary practice, see the Be-Assist FAQ.

How can I find an automotive expert?

View or perform a search on the Search for a member page. This will display the names or company names and contact details for all automotive experts registered with the Belgian Institute for Automotive Experts.

Last update
23 December 2020