You can work as an automotive expert on a temporary and occasional basis, if you are a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. In such cases, you must meet the following conditions:

  • you are legally established in another Member States and working as an automotive expert;
  • and if the profession of automotive expert is not regulated in the original Member State, you worked as an automotive expert in one or more Member States for at least one year during the ten years prior to your provision of services in Belgium.

Written declaration

Are you working as an automotive expert on a temporary and occasional basis in Belgium for the first time? You must inform the Belgian Institute for Automotive Experts in advance by means of a written declaration. You must provide information on your insurance cover or other means of personal or group protection that give you professional liability.

You must renew this declaration once a year, if you intend to provide temporary and occasional services in Belgium during the year in question. You can provide the declaration by any means.

When providing services for the first time or in the event of a material change in the situation set out in the documents, you must also provide the following documents:

  • proof of nationality;
  • a declaration certifying that:
    • you are legally established in a Member State;
    • you are working there as an automotive expert;
    • when the declaration was issued, you were not subject to any ban on practising, even temporarily,
  • proof of your professional qualifications;
  • if the profession is not regulated in your original Member State, any kind of proof that you practised the activities in question for at least one year during the last ten years.

You can submit the declaration to a Chamber of the Council of the Institute for Automotive Experts by post or e-mail.

Responsible chamber

The Institute for Automotive Experts is comprised of two chambers: the Dutch-speaking chamber and the French-speaking chamber. The chamber to which you should send your request is determined by the place where you wish to practice the profession for the first time in Belgium:

  • if it is in the Flemish region, it is the Dutch-speaking chamber which is responsible;
  • if it is in the Walloon region (including the German-speaking region), it is the French-speaking chamber which is responsible;
  • if it is in the bilingual Brussels-Capital region, you are free to choose the responsible chamber. The language used to submit your request will determine the responsible chamber.
Last update
23 December 2020