Official rate for petroleum products in euros (inc. VAT), latest update: 

Rate no. 2024/039 valid from 24.02.2024 (PDF, 309.12 KB)

This rate eliminates and replaces the previous one.

You can find the history of the official rate at Statbel.

The changes to the maximum prices of the respective petroleum products, from January 3 2024 are due to:

  • the entry into force of the Formula in Addendum XX to the Annex of 8/12/2023 (i.e. adaptation of the Technical Annex to the Programme Agreement on the regulation of the maximum selling prices of petroleum products) concerning motor fuels in which the share of biofuels changes from 1 January 2024, as a result of the entry into force of the Act of 31 July 2023 on product standards for the integration of energy from renewable sources into fossil fuels motor fuels intended for the transport sector and amending the Law of 29 April 1999 on the organisation of the electricity market and amending the Law of 12 April 1965 on the transport of gaseous products and other products by pipeline; 
  • the quarterly indexation of contributions for the storage and management of strategic oil stocks (APETRA);
  • variations in the quotations of petroleum products/biocomponents

and this in accordance with the Technical Annex to the Program Contract relating to the system of maximum selling prices for petroleum products.


Average maximum prices

The margin granted to the oil companies will be revised for all products on 1 April and 1 October of each year that the Programme Agreement is in force.


See also Apetra

Last update
23 February 2024