Official rate for petroleum products in euros (inc. VAT), latest update: 

Rate no. 2022/188 valid from 29.09.2022 (PDF, 308.53 KB)

This rate eliminates and replaces the previous one.

You can find the history of the official rate at Statbel

Pursuant to Article 420, § 3, 1° of the Program Law of December 27, 2004, last amended by the Royal Decree of March 16, 2022 (Belgian Official Gazette 18.03.2022), the cliquet system is applied on 09.27.2022. This system means that the rate of the special excise duty on PETROL is increased as a result of a decrease in the maximum price of this product.
As a result of the application of 09.27.2022 cliquet system, from 09.28.2022

  • the rate of the special excise duty on petrol increased by 10.75 EUR/1000l. The total excise rate will then amount to 499,3305 EUR/1000l.

The changes in the maximum prices of the respective petroleum products from 01 APRIL 2022 are the result of:

  • the quarterly indexation of the Apetra contributions for the storage and management of strategic oil stocks
  • the half-yearly indexation of the respective distribution margins
  • the switch from winter to summer quality for the biocomponent FAME in diesel
  • the fluctuations in the quotations of the oil products/biocomponents

and this in accordance with the Technical Annex to the Program Agreement concerning the regulation of the maximum prices of petroleum products.

Average maximum prices

The margin granted to the oil companies will be revised for all products on 1 April and 1 October of each year that the Programme Agreement is in force.


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28 September 2022