In order to guarantee the highest level of safety for the consumer, economic operators must, among other things,:

  • communicate information about risks posed by products,
  • demonstrate the traceability of their products,
  • cooperate in the prevention of product risks.

The Central Contact Point for Products was established to coordinate the flow of information on the safety of products and services.

According to Book IX Safety of products and services of the Code of Economic Law, producers must take the necessary measures and not supply products which they know (or should have known) do not meet the requirements of the Book.

When should the Central Contact Point be informed?

  • You must inform the Central Contact Point if a product or service (playground, lift, recreational activity, etc.) that is offered to consumers involves risks. A product is considered dangerous if it poses a risk to the consumer.
  • Regulations require that only safe products and services may be placed on the market. This means that a product or service must not pose a risk to the user if he or she uses the product under normal or foreseeable circumstances.

How do I submit a report of a dangerous product to the Central Contact Point for Products?

  • By completing the online-form that will be redirected to the Business Alert Gateway, a service that was created by the European Commission.

The advantage of this form is that it enables you to report a corrective measure to the authorities of several countries goal at once.


How do I submit a report of a dangerous service to the Central Contact Point for Products?

Obligation to report a dangerous product or service to the Central Contact Point for Products:

In order to protect users, if you become aware that a product or service presents risks, you have an obligation to take corrective measures and report this product or service to the authorities in the countries where this brand is supplied.

Some companies may be reluctant to do so, as they fear negative reactions from their customers. In practice, however, the opposite seems to be true for companies that are open with their customers. Trust and transparency are two principles that are highly valued by consumers/users.

What are the guidelines for corrective measures?

The guidelines arise from the Commission Decision of 14 December 2004 laying down guidelines for reporting dangerous consumer products to the competent authorities of the Member States by producers and distributors, in accordance with Article 5, section 3, of Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and Council.

For better guidance on taking corrective measures on product safety, you can consult the European guide "Product Safety in Europe". This guide covers all the corrective measures that producers and distributors can take (not just product recalls!) and aims to eliminate the safety risks that a product on the market may pose.

How can I ask the Central Contact Point for Products a question?

You can ask your question by post, telephone or email.

Postal address:

FPS Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes and Energy
General Directorate of Quality and Safety
Boulevard Albert II 16 
B-1000 Brussels

Tel.: +32 (0)2 277 53 36


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23 February 2022

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