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    A large number of initiatives and training courses for developing the digital skills of adults are available all over Belgium but also in our communities and regions. Here is a selection. Do not hesitate to use them!

    At national level

    DigiSkills Belgium

    The Belgian National Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition launched DigiSkills Belgium, an online ecosystem that brings together initiatives and trainings for all Belgian citizens who want to improve or upgrade their digital skills. DigiSkills Belgium aims to reduce the national digital skills gap and provide a sustainable answer to the talent shortage.



    Because improving digital skills is everyone's business, we need to focus on activation, representation and inclusiveness! 52% of the European population are women, but only 17% of the digital sector! Things can change!

    The BeDigitalTogether website hosts the national and intersectoral strategy Women in Digital 2021-2026 which aims to improve the representation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sectors. As women are under-represented in these sectors, this will increase the pool of available talent to meet future needs for skilled labour.

    Find all relevant initiatives via the following link:

    Plus d’informations :

    Brussels-Capital Region wants to be the gateway to digital in Brussels. The Work Training Pool for Digital Professions is the result of a public-private partnership between the sectoral social partners on the one hand and the Brussels public employment service (Actiris) and the public training services (Bruxelles Formation and VDAB) on the other.

    Address: asbl – vzw 
    Rue Jules Cockxstraat 6
    1160 Brussels

    Phone.: +32 2 475 20 00

    Partners specialized in digital technologies

    • Socioprofessional integration organizations:  CEFAID, C.F.2M, F.I.J, Service Emploi de Koelkelberg,…
    • Local job centres: Mission locale d’Etterbeek, ML de Schaerbeek,…
    • Social advancement: EPFC, Cours de promotion sociale Erasme,…




    BeCentral is a digital training centre focusing on people with limited IT skills. Its aim is to make technological progress accessible to everyone.


    Cantersteen 10
    1000 Brussels

    Tel.: + 32 9 366 52 47



    BeCode offers daytime training in digital technologies. Candidates are selected based on a test to assess their motivation and their interest in technologies.


    Cantersteen 10
    1000 Brussels



    MolenGeek is a coding college whose aim is to train young people in new digital professions, particularly web and mobile development.


    Place de la Minoterie 10
    1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

    Tel.: +32 (0)2 880 99 50


    Girleek is a digital skills acquisition platform dedicated to women. Girleek acts on a daily basis and helps all women, including the most vulnerable, to integrate into society and develop a professional identity that respects them and allows them to gain financial independence.


    Projet ADA

    Projet Ada promotes access to new information and communication technologies for women. Ada offers training, workshops and events linked to ICT.

    Tel.: +32 (0)2 219 15 10


    Interface 3

    Interface 3 is an ongoing training centre for practical training that promotes access to IT professions for women. Interface 3 trains women as network and system administrators, webmasters and games or web application developers.


    Rue Gaucheret 88-90
    1030 Brussels

    Tel.: +32 (0)2 219 15 10


    The COFTeN (Centre d’Orientation et de Formation aux Technologies Numériques, Training and Orientation Center for Digital Technologies), is a socio-professional integration organization that offers a 15 month training path (with a 3 month upgrade, a 7 week company internship and a post-training support) for low-skilled jobseekers, to teach them the IT-technician profession.

    It also offers training of the same duration for the professions of administrative assistant and accountant’s assistant, where digital technologies are of paramount importance. The course can be followed without any prior skills in this area.


    Rue de l’Abondance 40
    1210 Brussels

    Phone: +32 2 219 91 12

    Walloon Region


    Forem offers several training courses in different professional sectors including digital.

    Consult the catalogue of IT and telecoms training courses.

    Telephone: 0800 939 47


    Technofutur TIC

    Technofutur TIC is a skills centre for information and communications technologies (ICT). It offers a wide range of in-person and remote training, summer internships and ICT-related events.

    Consult the full course catalogue.


    Avenue Jean Mermoz 18
    6041 Gosselies

    Tel.: +32 (0)71 25 49 60


    Technobel is a skills centre offering training in information and communications technologies (ICT) professions. These courses are aimed at job-seekers, employees, personnel managers, teachers and students.

    Consult the course catalogue for enterprises.

    Consult the course catalogue for job-seekers.

    Consult the course catalogue for education.


    Allée des Artisans 19
    5590 Ciney

    Tel.: 0800 188 22


    Labelled "Competence Center" of Wallonia, Technocité's main mission is to widely disseminate Information and Communication Technologies and to promote their use through awareness and training.

    The training courses range from one day to several months and are aimed at a wide audience ranging from jobseekers, to teaching (teachers and students) to employees in the private and public sectors.

    Consult our complete training catalog :

    Address : 
    Rue Henri Degorge 23
    7301 Hornu 

    Tel. : +32 65 766 710 
    Website : 

    Flemish Region


    The VDAB website allows you to look for a job or training course, publish a CV and more.



    The SYNTRA network has five training centres in 24 SYNTRA campuses. The many apprenticeship training courses available include PC technician, desktop publisher and home automation technician.

    Tel.: +32 (0)2 227 63 93


    Okra is a body for people aged 55 and over and often holds IT training courses in its 18 regional sites. Consult your nearest regional Okra centre for more information.


    VIVO - Vlaams Instituut voor Vorming en Opleiding (Flemish Institute for Education and Training)

    The non-profit organisation VIVO is the sector-based training institute for the Flemish non-commercial sector.  Among other things, it offers a number of free training courses to organisations so that their employees can become familiar with working with computers: Basiscomputercursus, Computerinitiatie, PC-initiatie.


    Sainctelettesquare 13-15
    1000 Brussels

    Tel.: +32 (0)2 250 37 77


    The non-profit organisation Mentor aims to develop the skills of job-seekers and employees and also help employers to develop a sustainable career policy. One of its courses allows students to familiarise themselves with IT skills and use the internet.


    Wandelweg 11a
    8500 Kortrijk

    Tel.: +32 (0)56 23 72 80


    Digidak is a methodology that allows people, particularly disadvantaged groups, to learn about new media via public computer spaces accessible to all.

    Address :
    Campus Blairon 714
    2300 Turnhout

    Tel. : +32 14 71 11 03
    Website :


    Mediacoach is a training for professionals working with children and young people who want to integrate media literacy into their own practice and organisation. On the one hand, the Mediacoach training programme offers a theoretical framework for starting with media literacy within one's own working environment. On the other hand, the focus of this training is mainly on implementing activities and practices related to the use of digital media.


    German-speaking Community


    The Arbeitsamt has three roles:

    • the promotion of employment,
    • the organisation of professional training,
    • career guidance.


    Arbeitsamt der DG Quartum Center
    Hütte 79
    4700 Eupen

    Tel.: +32 (0)87 63 89 00

    Adult education colleges and training centres

    Training centres and colleges offer courses for adults (sometimes evening courses), some of which cover computer use. The target adult public may be senior citizens, people without qualifications, people who have never worked on a computer and those who have never used the internet.

    The following two portals provide information on schools or training centres belonging to the Communities.

    French Community

    Annuaire des établissements de promotion sociale (Directory of social promotion establishments)

    Flemish Community

    Scholen, Centra voor Volwassenenonderwijs (Adult education schools and centres)


    Municipalities offer introductions to IT, internet, etc. for their residents. For more information, consult your municipality's website or contact your municipal administration.

    Private sector

    Businesses organise ICT training for their employees, either internally or through specialised training centres. These courses are aimed at ICT specialists as well as employees. Contact your company's human resources service for more information.

    Other possibilities

    The above list of training courses is far from exhaustive. An internet search will reveal others.

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    18 July 2022