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    Rue des Chandeliers, 18
    1000 Brussels

    Phone +32 2 511 39 90 
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    website: (available in French or in Dutch)

    Submit a mediation request
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    For which problems ?

    For any problem related but not limited to real estate (such as a dispute dealing with the construction or renovation of a building or relating to co-ownership) and to trade practices (lack of delivery, warranty...)

    ONE prerequisite for access:

    • If you wish to try and solve your dispute through mediation, you must follow the standard request form(available in French or in Dutch) given by the board
    • If you wish to try and solve your problem through arbitration (for instance after a failed mediation attempt), the contract has to include the possibility to appeal to the board or use one of the arbitration clauses given as example (in French or in Dutch) by the board. 


    From 100 to 5,000 euro depending on the complexity of the dispute, limited to 1,240 euro for disputes dealing with main residence leases. The losing party must pay all the fees except in case of shared wrongs.  

    How does it work

    • Mediation: the parties define among themselves, with the mediator’s help, the practical organisation of the mediation process. A mediation protocol is signed by both parties and by the mediator.
    • Arbitration: an arbiter, designated by the parties or by the board, will listen to the parties and settle the dispute.


    No specific form + enclose a copy of any useful document


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    25 January 2019