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    Espace Jacquemotte
    Rue Haute 139
    1000 Brussels 

    Phone: +32 2 504 97 86 
    Fax: +32 2 504 97 84 
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    Website: available only in French or Dutch

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    For which problems

    For any technical dispute during the construction or renovation of a building (roofing, humidity, isolation and ventilation, central heating, flooring, window frames, veranda, stairs…)


    Set price of 242 Euros including VAT (200 Euros excluding VAT) per partie. It covers the expert’s first visit of the location as well as the writing of the conciliation report or of the binding technical report.

    For any additional tax, an estimate is made up: the party that asked the expertise approves the estimate (if they want to) and pays forward.

    Any additional action includes professional fees (90 Euros per hour including VAT or 75 Euros per hour excluding VAT), travel allowance (1.21 Euro per Km including VAT or 1 Euro per Km excluding VAT – travel time included) and administrative costs (37.50 Euros per hour including VAT or 31 Euros per hour excluding VAT).


    Languages of the procedure:

    • French

    • Dutch

    Prerequisites for access

    • You must have tried to solve the dispute directly with the company, to no avail
    • You must have filled in and signed the standard clause making the Commission competent in the case (available in French or in Dutch), either when you signed the contracts or when the dispute arose. 

    How does it work

    The Commission organises a hearing during which it designates, based on the file and on the parties’ declaration, the most appropriate conciliator-expert for the technical problem in question. The expert will then visit the location and try, after this visit, to reconcile the parties; if it proves impossible, he will write a technical report. This report is binding for the parties. Disputes are usually solved within a maximum of six months. In case of failure, the parties can still take the matter to a court.

    Complaint form

    The complaint form is available to download in French or in Dutch (+ enclose a copy of any useful document)

    Rules of procedure

    Rules defining the procedure to follow: available to download in French or in Dutch

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    Last update
    25 January 2019