Air new toys to eradicate any chemical products

If new toys have a strong, strange, or unpleasant smell, air them for a few days. This should be enough to get rid of volatile chemical substances.

Follow the instructions for correctly assembling toys

When assembling toys, follow instructions closely.

Teach children to use toys properly.

Keep packaging out of the reach of children

Packaging, and especially plastic bags, must be kept out of the reach of children to avoid the risk of suffocation.

If the instructions recommend it, supervise children when they play

If the instructions recommend it, you need to supervise children when they play.

For certain types of toy, it is also recommended to follow the safety instructions (PDF, 239.65 KB). When using scooters, roller-blades and bicycles, for example, a child must always wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Check the condition of toys regularly

Checking the condition of toys (e.g. looking for sharp edges, rust on outdoor toys and bicycles and checking whether seams are well sewn up or small parts such as eyes and buttons are well attached) allows for sorting the items and disposing of or repairing damaged toys. Broken or worn toys can injure children and pose a threat to their health and safety.

Keep toys for older children out of reach of babies and toddlers

Keep button cells out of the reach of children

Button cells must always be kept out of the reach of children. If they are swallowed, the acid contained in the battery may be released and cause fatal internal burns.

Keep instructions in a safe place

Teach your children to store their toys in a case or cupboard in order to prevent accidents

Your children must learn to clear their toys away. Be aware of toys on stairs or in doorways; they can cause serious falls.

Keep up to date with product recalls

Recalls are usually shared across various media by manufacturers, vendors or distributors.

You can also use Safety Gate, the European warning system for the rapid exchange of information, which reports the toys and children's products that are removed from sale each year. Consult the archives for previous recalls and sign up for email alerts.

Last update
28 October 2021

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