Every year, hundreds of new toys are placed on the market. It is often difficult to choose. Beyond the quantity, there is also the crucial issue of the safety of the toy that is purchased.

What is a safe toy?

A toy is defined as any product designed or intended, whether or not exclusively, for the use of children under the age of fourteen years old.

Toys must meet the essential safety requirements that are imposed by the legislator.

A toy, including the chemicals it contains, shall never pose a risk to the safety or health of the child or other users under conditions of usual and reasonably foreseeable use by the child.

The information on the packaging and the user instructions must draw the user or supervisor's attention to the inherent risks and dangers or potential negative consequences of using a particular type of toy, and the ways in which these can be avoided.

Under which conditions can a toy be supplied on the market?

A toy can only be supplied to the market if it fulfils the following conditions:

  • it meets the essential safety requirements;
  • it carries the CE marking;
  • it carries the name and/or company name and/or brand and address of the manufacturer and/or importer;
  • it is supplied together with clearly legible and appropriate instructions in order to limit the risk when in use.

How to choose a toy?

Particular attention must be paid to the safety of toys. There is a genuine risk of choking, pinching, poisoning or cuts. You should always be cautious.

Below are a few tips and safety rules to help you choose a reliable product and, in turn, avoid any accidents! Now it's up to you to make the right choice!

Follow our tips before purchasing.

Follow our tips for after purchasing.

Toy safety in Europe

Toys rank fourth in the top ten causes of accidents among children under the age of 5. This is why the European Union does everything in its power to strengthen safety provisions and criteria to ensure that children always enjoy the very highest level of protection. In order to reduce the number of accidents, the EU has also improved existing rules on the marketing of toys that are produced in or imported into Europe.

For more information, see the page regarding the regulations for toys.

What is the role of the FPS Economy when it comes to toy safety?

The FPS Economy organises:

  • market inspections;
  • technical analyses; and
  • information campaigns for manufacturers and importers.

Have you experienced a safety problem with a toy?

If you have any questions about regulations, please contact ENSURE.

If you need to report dangerous toys, please contact the Central Contact Point.

Last update
5 November 2021

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