These organizations are the collective management organizations of copyrights or related rights. Their members are authors, composers, performers or producers.

The task of these organizations is to manage the rights of their members. When they turn to users for the payment of rights (royalties), they act on behalf of their members.

In fact, they collect the remunerations to which authors, performers and producers are legally entitled, after which they distribute these remunerations among their members.

For example, collecting management organizations intervene in collecting remunerations that users have to pay for playing music in public places, restaurants, cafes, shops, waiting rooms, etc., for radio- and tv- broadcasts and for the public lending of books, phonograms or films.

Sometimes, several management organizations collect rights for the same activity, but for the benefit of different people. For example, when playing music in public Sabam will collect royalties for the authors, while PlayRight and Simim will collect the remuneration for the performers and producers.

Last update
23 March 2022