Some insurance policies are compulsory, meaning that everyone is obliged to take out them in order to be able to carry out a particular activity.

  • For example, car insurance for civil liability is compulsory. If a car is not insured, it cannot be put into circulation. On the other hand, driver insurance is not compulsory insurance;
  • In order to exercise various professional activities, it is also required that professional liability insurance is taken out (e.g. for architects, accountants and tax advisors, health professions, etc.).

However, other insurance policies are not made compulsory by law.

  • Nonetheless, some of these insurance policies may be imposed by contract (e.g. a rental agreement obliges the tenant to take out fire insurance).
  • Among these non-compulsory insurance policies, however, insurance policies that are also not contractually imposed are very useful and can save you a lot of trouble. For example, private life civil liability insurance protects you against any damage for which you are civilly liable in the context of private life. For example, a sudden accident.

Indicative list of insurance policies made compulsory by law.

Last update
9 December 2020