If you take out omnium or comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, your insurer will reimburse you for material damage resulting from an accident, whether or not you are at fault for the accident - except if you are in a situation of exclusion expressly provided for in the contract.

The partial omnium (comprehensive) cover will limit the insurer's intervention to cases of broken glass, theft or attempted theft, fire, animal collisions, occurrence of the forces of nature (storms, flooding, etc.). It is up to you to negotiate with your insurer to cover one or more of these risks.

It is an optional insurance whose content is far from uniform. Consequently, every insurer offers specific cover with its own conditions (possible excess, segmentation criteria, evaluation grids, etc.). It is also advisable to compare the level of premiums and the cover offered (benefits, exclusions, excess, etc.).

Since these contracts are not standardised, your indemnity will depend - among other things - on the evaluation grid used by your insurer to determine the value of your vehicle over time.

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Last update
14 December 2020