Electrical appliances on the European market must be safe enough for use by all consumers. The European Technical Directives provide national bodies with a framework for carrying out supervision of electrical appliances on their market.

There are 3 Directives on the safety of electrical appliances and equipment brought to the European market. Each Directive covers a particular aspect of these appliances.

Safety of electrical appliances

The Low Voltage Directive relates to all dangers in connection with the use of electrical appliances by private individuals or professionals for electrical products placed on the European market.

Examples of the products covered by this legislation are electrical household appliances, lighting, electric heating, etc.

Electromagnetic compatibility of electrical appliances

The “Electromagnetic Compatibility” Directive (the “EMC Directive”) relates to the mutual electromagnetic interference that may be generated between electrical installations and appliances.

This legislation covers all electrical and electronic appliances in principle, insofar as they could cause or suffer from interference.

Safety of products intended for use in an explosive atmosphere

The “Appliances intended for use in explosive atmospheres” Directive (the “ATEX Directive”) covers how devices and protection systems in locations where there may be a danger of explosion can be placed on the market.

This Directive should not be confused with the “ATEX Workplace Directive”, which was converted and handled by the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue.

Last update
7 April 2022

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