Electrical appliances with an input or output voltage between 50V and 1000V AC or 75V DC are normally covered by the “Low-Voltage Directive”. This Directive defines the safety objectives to be met by electrical appliances.

For which devices?

The normal line voltage in Belgium is 230V. As a result, this Directive covers almost all electrical appliances.

However, some appliances are excluded from this Directive but are regulated by specific legislation, such as machinery (Machine Directive), transmission equipment (R&TTE Directive), medical equipment (Medical Equipment Directive).

You can find a complete list of exempted appliances in the relevant legislation.


The general safety requirements for electrical appliances are prescribed in the Code of Economic Law, Book IX on the safety of products and services. The requirements of this law are supplemented and further expanded upon in the Royal Decree of 21 April 2016 on placing electrical equipment on the market.

This RD is the transposition of European Directive 2014/35/EU into Belgian law.

Duties for manufacturers

Before placing a product on the market, the manufacturer, or the initial importer into the European Union, must meet the following criteria:

  • the product may only be placed on the market if it meets the essential requirements;
  • a technical file must be established in which the manufacturer demonstrates that the product complies with these safety requirements;
  • every product must be identifiable by type, batch or serial number;
  • the name, brand and postal address where the manufacturer can be reached must be indicated on the item or, if this is impossible, on the packaging;
  • every product must be accompanied by safety regulations, at least in the language of the region where the product is being marketed;
  • a declaration of conformity must be drawn up and signed and
  • the product must bear the CE marking.

More detailed information about the conformity assessment procedure can be found in the Royal Decree of 21 April 2016 on placing electrical equipment on the market.

Last update
7 April 2022

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