BELAC operates according to the international requirements with regard to the management of the accreditation bodies.

Documental structure

The management system of BELAC is documented by a quality manual (PDF, 962.26 KB) and a set of documents (see the publications at the bottom of this page) to which the manual refers.

The quality manual is limited to the presentation of the aims pursued by BELAC and to the general lines relating to its organization.

The documents associated with the quality manual are divided into various series, according to their nature:

  • legal documents and reference standards (Series BELAC 0-xx)
  • documents which detail the general policy (Series BELAC 1-xx)
  • documents which detail the criteria of accreditation and the aspects of the procedure directly related to the rights and obligations of the accredited bodies or bodies standing up for an accreditation (Series BELAC 2-0xx, Series BELAC 2-1xx, Series BELAC 2-2xx, Series BELAC 2-3xx, Series BELAC 2-4xx)
  • documents of the procedure relating to the management of the accreditation body and the implementation of the accreditation procedures (Series BELAC 3-xx)
  • instructions detailing the enforcement stipulations of the procedures by the third parties (Series BELAC 4-xx) and by the secretariat (Series BELAC 5-xx (not published))
  • lists of names, data banks and model documents/forms for the application of the procedures (Series BELAC 6-0xx, Series BELAC 6-1xx, Series BELAC 6-2xx, Series BELAC 6-3xx (not published), Series BELAC 6-4xx)
  • informative documents compiled by BELAC within the framework of the promotion of the system and guidance documents coming from national or international organizations outside of BELAC (Series BELAC 7-xx)

Maintenance of the Management System

All new documents and each update of existing documents are communicated on this site in the heading « Recently modified and new BELAC documents ».

Last update
23 February 2018

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