For all matters relating to the protection of intellectual property rights abroad, IPObel coordinates its activities with those of national (federal and regional) and international bodies to improve foreign market access for Belgian companies.

Useful links

National level

The Foreign Trade Agency organises economic missions presided over by HRH King Philippe and manages a common documentation fund. This agency provides services for the three regional organisations promoting export. The BFTA website provides information such as publications, newsletters, initiatives and statistics for entrepreneurs who export or wish to do so.

  • Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT)
    FIT is a Flemish regional institution that offers an ambitious programme for Flemish entrepreneurs, with a variety of actions stimulating trade. For example, FIT points out opportunities in international projects and answers questions about countries or sectors, business practices and regulations. In addition, FIT provides contact details of foreign market experts, partners for trade cooperation, etc. FIT can also put you in contact with experts abroad, who can advise you on how to market your product or service for their specific region or country.
  • Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX)
    AWEX is a Walloon regional institution tasked with promoting foreign trade and welcoming foreign investors. AWEX's mission consists of, on the one hand, assisting companies who wish to export their goods or services and, on the other hand, attracting foreign investors to Wallonia.
  • Brussels Export
    Brussels Export brings together three organisations: the Foreign Trade Department of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, located in Brussels. Brussels Export helps companies in Brussels to export their products and services. Their website includes information on commercial attachés around the world, financial aid and loans, including an alphabetical glossary, addresses, links, as well as information on business practices and customs in other countries.

European Union

International level

You can find a directory of national IP offices abroad on the WIPO website.


  • China IPR-Helpdesk for SMEs
    The IPR-helpdesk provides practical advice, tailored to European companies active in the Chinese market. You can also find information on both IPR management (licensing, research and development, sales and distribution,...) and IPR enforcement.
  • EU-China trade project
  • Launched in 2004, this project is aimed at strengthening the EU-China trade relations and helping China to integrate into world trade and other economic and political reforms. The project is supported by the Chinese Ministry of Trade and the European Commission. It consists of various aspects covering the main elements of international trade, including intellectual property.
  • The European Union’s Chamber of Commerce in China
    The European Union’s Chamber of Commerce represents the European industries in China. This means it provides in particular a communication channel with the economic and political authorities in China and Europe up to the highest level. It also monitors China's progress in relation to market access and lobbies on various trade issues. 
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22 February 2024