When taking out fire insurance, the parties may agree to insure against glass breakage. However, this cover is not mandatory. Consequently, the parties are not required to insure the risk. As such, the text below reflects what the insurance industry generally proposes. To find out if you are insured against glass breakage and the extent of your cover, read the terms of your contract.

Insurance against glass breakage generally covers breakage of building glazing or glazing forming an integral part of the building construction, provided that the breakage is not the result of the occurrence of another insured incident. These are usually glass panes, but light domes and mirrors may also be eligible for compensation.

The insurer will pay for the replacement, including, sometimes, the affixing of inscriptions and decorations as well as the repair of damage to the glass support (window, frame, etc.).

Please note: it is often limited cover, for which the insurer sets a maximum intervention threshold.

When a building has very large areas of glass, it is important to read the insurance policy carefully. Indeed, for these surfaces, the insurer often:

  • excludes cover;
  • only covers damage for an additional premium.
Last update
14 December 2020