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  1. Belmed is a tool the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy puts at the disposal of consumers and business for outof-court online resolutions of consumer disputes with the help of an independent mediator.
  2. In the 2016 version of the report on market functioning in the Belgian economy, elaborated by the Price Observatory, you will find a comprehensive analysis of more than 600 sectors over the period 2010
  3. Brochure Belac: Accreditation: a tool to facilitate the free circulation of goods and services and to ensure the safety of consumers
  4. The AGORA-MMS project "Monitoring of Markets and Sectors" was initiated by the division Sector and Market Monitoring within the Federal Public Service Economy (FPS Economy in the sequel). It has been
  5. 0-02 Royal Decree of 24 January 1991 creating the National Council for Accreditation and Certification 0-03 Code of economic law: Extracts that provide the legal basis for the operation of accreditation in
  6. 2-201 Guidelines for the implementation of EN ISOIEC 17020:2012 by inspection bodies