Series BELAC 1-xx: General Management

Table of Contents

    • 1-01 (PDF, 284.21 KB)  Quality Manual
    • 1-02 (PDF, 62.68 KB)  General policies and provisions implemented in order to comply with the requirements of the Regulation EC 765/2008, the standard EN ISO/IEC 17011 as well as the requirements of EA/ILAC/IAF with respect to independence, objectivity and impartiality
    • 1-03 (PDF, 58.95 KB)  BELAC Activities: description and criteria for selection
    • 1-04 (PDF, 75.68 KB)  Procedures and provisions for the accreditation of multi-site conformity assessment bodies
    • 1-05 (PDF, 59.9 KB)  Procedures and provisions for cross frontier accreditation and cooperation with accreditation bodies membres of EA, ILAC and IAF
    Last update
    23 February 2018