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28 februari 2024
Belgian EU Presidency Workshop: Securing Access to Radiopharmaceuticals for all European Patients

Table of Contents

    During its presidency of the Council of the European Union, Belgium is striving towards a brighter future for radiopharmaceuticals. Therefore, the Directorate-General for Energy of the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy will organise a workshop on this topic at the Palais des Académies in Brussels on 28 of February 2024.

    The one-day workshop is divided into four sessions, each focusing on a specific topic:

    • The first session will be devoted to “precision medicine in cancer therapy using radiopharmaceuticals”
    • The second to “the importance of doctor’s knowledge to guarantee patient’s quality of life: the patient's perspective”
    • The third to “EU regulatory aspects”
    • The fourth session will consist of “securing the radiopharmaceutical supply chain and fostering the EU autonomy”

    Each session will be made up of several subtopics presented by various speakers who are experts in both the nuclear medicine field and in European institutional and association circles.


    Hour Activity

    08:00 am

    Welcome and coffee

    8:30-09:00 am

    Master of Ceremony

    By the Directorate-General of the FPS Economy, Nancy Mahieu

    Opening address

    By the European Commission, DG ENER, Michael Huebel – Unlocking opportunities of SAMIRA: Fostering innovation and strengthening European autonomy

    Morning session: moderators: Christophe Deroose (KU Leuven) & Paola Erba (EANM)

    09:00-09:45 am

    Session 1: Precision medicine in cancer therapy using radiopharmaceuticals

    Valentina Ambrosini, University of Bologna - The contribution of radiopharmaceuticals to precision medicine: Past and present (PDF, 2.91 MB)

    Patrick Flamen, Université Libre de Bruxelles – Theranostics precision medicine in cancer care: Emerging therapies for unmet patient needs (PDF, 2.72 MB)

    09:45-10:15 am

    Coffee break

    10:15 am -11:30 am

    Session 2: Doctor’s knowledge is crucial to guarantee patient’s quality of life: the patient perspective

    Success story of patients

    • Jan Jille, patient
    • Francis Ligot, patient

    Koen Hasaers, SCK CEN Creating hope for cancer patients: Europe supports unlocking clinical potential of radioligand therapy (PDF, 2.14 MB)

    Ingrid Maes, Inovigate - The multi-stakeholder perspective of a radioligand therapy plan for cancer treatment: The Belgian experience (PDF, 2.69 MB)

    Maria Jesus Alcaraz Tomas, EMA – Radiopharmaceuticals as critical medicines (PDF, 537.68 KB)

    11:30-12:30 pm

    Panel discussion on the contribution of radiopharmaceuticals for precision medicine

    Moderators and speakers of the morning

    12:30-1:30 pm

    Walking lunch

    Afternoon session: moderators: Alberto Fernandez Fernandez (FPS Economy), Bernard Magenhann (JRC)

    1:30-2:30 pm

    Session 3: EU regulatory aspects

    Rainer Becker, European Commission – Review of the regulatory framework for medicines to foster innovation and prevent shortages

    Leonhard Schaetz, Novartis Hurdles of regulatory framework for radiopharmaceuticals (PDF, 896.72 KB)

    Margarida Goulart, DG JRC The role of JRC in enabling radiopharmaceutical research to be translated to clinical use (PDF, 3.07 MB)

    2:30-4:30 pm

    Session 4: Securing the radiopharmaceutical supply chain and fostering EU autonomy

    Renata Mikołajczak, POLATOM Sustainability of radiopharmaceutical production in Europe: Removing critical barriers (PDF, 2.94 MB)

    Bernard Ponsard, European Observatory on the Supply of Medical Radioisotopes –  Powering the global supply of essential radioisotopes (PDF, 2.41 MB)

    Ronald Schram, NRGǀPALLAS – The future reactor landscape for the production of medical radionuclides (PDF, 2.05 MB)

    Cristiana Gameiro-Paris, IBA Innovative accelerators: Pioneering technologies for advanced radioisotope production (PDF, 2.35 MB)

    Jean Bonnet, IRE Transport of radiopharmaceuticals (PDF, 705.71 KB)

    4:30-4:50 pm

    Coffee break

    4:50-5:30 pm

    Panel discussion on critical barriers for EU autonomy in radiopharmaceutical production

    Moderators and speakers of the afternoon

    5:30-5:45 pm

    Concluding statements

    By the Belgian Minister of Energy, Tinne Van der Straeten

    5:45-7:00 pm


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