Euro banknotes and coins are generally the standard payment method. Cash payments cannot be refused under any circumstances, even though they are subject to certain rules, particularly regarding rounding and proportionality between the denominations used for payment and the price to be paid (memorandum on the refusal of 200 and 500 euro notes (PDF, 28.4 KB)).

In addition to cash, the use of electronic means of payment has become widespread in most stores. These payment methods offer many benefits to both traders and consumers, including the fight against fraud and money laundering.
As with cash, some legal provisions aim to regulate the use of electronic means of payment, particularly with respect to cost and availability to customers. 

All companies (within the meaning of Art. 1.8 39° of the Code of Economic Law) are therefore obliged to offer their private customers (consumers) at least one electronic payment system by 1 July 2022.

Last update
14 March 2022