Childcare articles (general)

Childcare articles cover a wide range of products. They are intended, among other things, to ensure or facilitate children's bedtime, mealtimes, bath time, transport, etc.

Examples of such products are:

  • Children's furniture (children's cots, playpens, high chair, changing tables, etc.);
  • Pushchairs;
  • Dummies;
  • Children's bikes;
  • Children's clothing;

Regulations of childcare articles

Childcare articles are not considered as toys. Therefore the toy regulations do not apply.

Even However, childcare articles are part of children's everyday life. They must therefore be designed in order to prevent the child from being injured (cut, pinch, strangulation, suffocation, ...), from falling due to a lack of stability or robustness or deficient fixation while being used, or from being burnt or poisoned as a result of using hazardous dyes or materials.

There is no specific legislation for childcare articles.

These products must comply with the essential safety regulations, as required in the Code of Economic Law, Book IX with on products and services safety.

Last update
25 May 2021

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