Free-fall jumping onto very large inflatable cushions is a recreational activity that meets the definition of extreme entertainment.

General rules for extreme entertainment

Extreme entertainment may only take place if it fulfils general safety regulations.

A boom lift as a jumping platform?

A boom lift is not intended to be used as a jumping base for recreational activities such as extreme entertainment. According to article 267.2.3 of the General Regulations for Protection at Work , a boom lift is a device with a work platform for one or more persons and their equipment which is specifically designed so that assembly, repair and maintenance work can be carried out without leaving the work platform. The entire unit is fixed to a mobile base.

The platform of a boom lift is thus not designed to be left, and certainly not to be jumped off. The boom lift could tip over or move and cause the consumer or an employee to fall.

For this reason, the use of a boom lift as a jumping platform for recreational activities is forbidden.

Free-fall jumping onto a large inflatable cushion (or other landing zone) is permitted but only if the activity meets the legal provisions. The activity must be safe. The jump must take place from a suitable jumping base specially designed for the purpose, such as inflatable structures.

A scaffold may be used but only on the condition that the calculation and stability/anchoring plan have been adapted to this specific activity. 

Last update
28 October 2021

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