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    Definition - Classification

    Pyrotechnic article meansany article that containing explosive substances or an explosive mixture of substances designed to produce heat, light, noise, gas, smoke or a combination of these effects through self-sustained exothermic chemical reactions.

    In practice, these are:

    Consumer fireworks:

    • Fireworks from category 1 or F1 and from category 2;
    • Theatrical pyrotechnic articles from category T1 of the following generic types: non-electrical ignition Bengal firework and non-electrical ignition smoke generators. (until 27 September 2024)

    Display fireworks:

    • Fireworks from category 3 and from category 4;
    • Theatrical pyrotechnic articles from category T2 as well as theatrical pyrotechnic articles from category T1 that are not considered consumer fireworks.

    Fireworks for technical use or signal fireworks:

    • Other pyrotechnic articles (with the exception of consumer and Display fireworks) from categories P1 and P2 (e.g. pyrotechnic articles for vehicles such as gas generators used in airbags or in seatbelt tensioners).

    Marketing - minimum age and specialised knowledge

    Pyrotechnic economic operators (manufacturer, importer, distributor) supply pyrotechnic articles to the market and must also check the minimum age and the required specialist knowledge of buyers.

    Pyrotechnic items Minimum age For whom?

    CE category 1


    18+ as of 27.09.2024

    All audiences

    CE category 2


    18+ as of 27.09.2024

    All audiences

    CE category 3


    Persons with specialised knowledge

    CE category 4


    Persons with specialised knowledge

    CE category T1 of the following generic type: non-electrical ignition Bengal firework and non-electrical ignition smoke generators.


    All audiences (until 27.09.2024)

    Persons with specialised knowledge as of 27.09.2024

    Other CE category T1


    Persons with specialised knowledge

    CE category T2


    Persons with specialised knowledge

    CE category P1


    All audiences, except for pyrotechnic items from category P1 that are intended for vehicles and which may only be made available to professionals

    CE category P2


    Persons with specialised knowledge

    Economic operators are obliged to verify consumers’ age before providing them with the pyrotechnic articles.

    Economic operators supply CE pyrotechnic articles from category 3, from category 4, from category T1 other than those authorised for sales to everyone, and from category T2 and P2 only for professional users, particularly persons with specialised knowledge.

    Persons with specialised knowledge

    A person with specialised knowledge is a person who has been granted permission by a member state to handle and/or use, within his territory, fireworks from category 4 or F4, theatrical pyrotechnic items from category T2 and/or other pyrotechnic articles.

    Since 4 July 2013, any person with specialised knowledge must be in possession of a qualification certificate that is issued by a certification body that certifies persons according to the norm NBN EN ISO/IEC 17024 (Article 5 of the Royal Decree of 3 March 2010 on the placing on the market of pyrotechnic articles ).

    Qualification certificates or similar documents that are issued by the administrative authorities of a Member State of the European Union, shall be recognised as equivalent to the above qualification certificate.

    Essential safety requirements

    The essential safety requirements that pyrotechnic articles must meet in order for these to be placed on the market are set out in Appendix 1 of the Royal Decree of 20 October 2015 on supplying/selling pyrotechnic items (see regulations below).

    In addition to the general provisions, specific provisions for consumer fireworks, theatrical fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles are also mentioned.

    Any pyrotechnic article that comply with the harmonised European standards in force are presumed to comply with the essential safety requirements from the aforementioned Appendix. In Belgium, the European standards are available from the Belgian Bureau for Standardisation (

    Obligations for economic operators

    The obligations for economic operators (manufacturer, importer, distributor) regarding placing pyrotechnic items on the market, are defined in the Royal Decree of 20 October 2015 relating to the making available on the market of pyrotechnic articles (Belgian OJ 30.10.2015).


    Clear and precise labelling is required for every product. Every pyrotechnic article that is placed on the market or intended to be placed on the market, whether in return for payment or free of charge, must bear the following information which shall, at least, be provided in the language(s) of the area concerned - in accordance with title 2 of Book VI of the Code of Economic Law.

    For “CE” fireworks:

    The fireworks bearing the CE marking must comply with the labelling requirements set out by the Royal Decree of 20 October 2015 relating to the making available on the market of pyrotechnic articles.

    The primary information that must be provided on the products (or the packaging) includes:

    • The CE marking;
    • The relevant category;
    • The name and type of the pyrotechnic article;
    • The contact details of the manufacturer and importer;
    • The minimum age limits;
    • From 17 October 2016, the registration number in order to facilitate traceability (with the following structure “XXXX-YY-ZZZZ….”) which is issued by the notified body. This number is composed of the following elements:
      • The four-digit identification number from the notified body that issues the CE type examination certificate (XXXX);
      • The category of the pyrotechnic article for which conformity has been attested (e.g. F1 for fireworks from category F1) (YY);
      • The processing number that is used by the notified body for pyrotechnic articles (ZZZZ…);
    • Instructions for use;
    • The production year;
    • The minimum distance that must be maintained;
    • The net quantity of explosive;
    • etc.


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