At first sight, blinds (or stores) with a cord do not appear dangerous.

And yet, every year they cause fatal accidents worldwide, involving children, mostly under the age of 3.

You must therefore take care when buying and using such products.

Danger is everywhere

Every object with a cord, string or thread is potentially dangerous, particularly to children. Indeed, cords can get entangled around the child's neck and cause severe injury, or even death by strangulation.

The blinds with a cord that we attach to our windows are no exception. A child is unaware of such danger.

Therefore, it is important to take this risk into account when choosing a blinds. Indeed, some designs are safer than others.

Also, following a few simple precautionary safety use when using blinds with cords can prevent major drama.

Advice for the safe use of blinds with cords

Children are unpredictable… So expect the unexpected!

  • Check every blind in your home today to assess whether they have cords that are accessible to children.
  • Keep the cords out of reach of young children, in order to prevent strangulation or entanglement.
  • Keep children's beds and furniture away from the cords that operate indoor blinds.
  • Do not tie the cords together.
  • Make sure that the cords do not loop or become entangled.
  • Do not leave long blind cords drag on the ground or hang at children height.
  • Firmly tie the blind cords or use one of the many available safety systems, such as cleats, cord ties, clips or other ties.
  • Check your blinds regularly to ensure that cords are still out of reach of young children and do not form dangerous loops.
  • Do not leave your children unattended in a room where blinds with cords are installed without child-proofing.

Advice when buying blinds

If you have young children (under the age of 10), try and take the following recommendations as much as possible into account when choosing and installing blinds:

  • If possible, buy cordless blinds.
  • If you do decide to buy blinds with cords, be aware that there are child-friendly models. Ask the sales person for advice.
  • Choose blinds with short cords: these are less easily accessible to young children.
  • Do not install blinds with cords in your living room or child's bedroom: these are the places where most accidents occur. 

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Last update
3 November 2021

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