Safety Gate (formerly Rapex) is a European alarm system for the rapid exchange of information between the European Member States regarding dangerous products, with the exception of food products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

National governments notify the central contact point at the European Commission if they identify dangerous products on the market. When the European Commission passes on the information to other Member States, the sale of the product can be banned or be subject to conditions in these countries.

This ensures that all Member States are rapidly notified about the presence of products on the European market that could pose a risk to consumer safety.

You can consult a weekly overview of the reported dangerous products on the European Commission's website. These reports contain information about the product, the danger it presents and the measures that have been taken by the authorities.

The Belgian Safety Gate contact point is the Central Contact Point for Products. When a product is flagged via the system, the Central Contact Point makes a first analysis and a selection. If the report appears to be relevant for Belgium, the report is sent to the competent service so that they can make the corresponding checks.

Weekly overview of reported dangerous products

Last update
5 November 2021

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